This is a list of Czechian monarchs or an individual who ruled the lands of Czech from the establishment of the Duchy of Bohemia in 870 (from 1004 on as part of the Holy Roman Empire), and as Kingdom of Bohemia from 1212 to the present.

Legendary rulers of Bohemia

  • Praotec Čech (Pater Boemus)
  • Krok
  • Libuše, duchess; Přemysl, the Ploughman, her husband.
  • Nezamysl
  • Mnata
  • Vojen
  • Vnislav
  • Křesomysl
  • Neklan
  • Hostivít

Princes of Great Moravia

  • Mojmír I (833–846)
  • Rastislav (846–870)
  • Slavomír (871) (interim)
  • Svatopluk I (871–894)
  • Mojmír II (894–906?)

Dukes of Bohemia (c. 870–1198)

Dukes of Bohemia
House of Přemyslid
Image Name Date Notes
Bořivoj I
Bořivoj I c. 870–888/9
Spitygniew I
Spytihněv I 894–915 Son of Bořivoj I.
Vratislaus I
915–921 Brother of Spytihněv I.
Wenceslaus I

921–935 Son of Vratislaus I; known as St. Wenceslaus ("Good King Wenceslas" for English speaking people), the patron saint of the Czech lands
Boleslaus I the Cruel
(Boleslav I. Ukrutný)
935–972 Brother of Wenceslaus I.
Boleslaus II the Pious
(Boleslav II. Pobožný)
972–999 Son of Boleslaus I.
Bolesław III Rudy
Boleslaus III the Redhead
(Boleslav III. Ryšavý)
999–1002 Son of Boleslaus II.
Vladivoj 1002–1003 Of the Piast dynasty (?). Said to be first cousin of Boleslav III. Polish name Władywoj
Bolesław III Rudy
Boleslaus III 1003 Second time
Boleslaus I
Boleslaus the Brave
(Boleslav Chrabrý)
1003–1004 Member of the Piast dynasty; brother of Vladivoj (?), grandson of Boleslaus I. Duke and later king of Poland
Jaromír 1004–1012 Brother of Boleslaus III.
Oldřich 1012–1033 Brother of Jaromír
Jaromír 1033–1034 Second time
Oldřich 1034 Second time
Břetislav I.-Chrudim2
Bretislaus I (Břetislav I.) 1034–1055 Son of Oldřich
Spytihněv II 1055–1061 Son of Bretislaus I.
W vratislav ii 198 320
Vratislaus II
(Vratislav II.)
1061–1092 Brother of Spytihněv II. King 1085–1092 as Vratislaus I.
Conrad I
(Konrád I. Brněnský)
1092 Brother of Vratislavus II.
Brzetysław II
Bretislaus II
(Břetislav II.)
1092–1100 Nephew of Conrad I, son of Vratislav II.
Borzywój II
Bořivoj II 1101–1107 Brother of Bretislaus II.
Świętopełk Ołomuniecki
(Svatopluk Olomoucký)
1107–1109 First cousin of Bořivoj II.
Vladislaus I (Vladislav I.) 1109–1117 Brother of Bořivoj II.
Borzywój II
Bořivoj II 1117–1120 Second time
Vladislaus I 1120–1125 Second time
Sobiesław I
Soběslav I 1125–1140 Brother of Vladislaus I.
Vladislaus II
(Vladislav II.)
1140–1172 Nephew of Sobeslaus I, son of Duke Vladislaus I. King 1158–1172 as Vladislaus I.
Frederick (Bedřich) 1172–1173 Son of Vladislaus II.
Soběslav II 1173–1178 First cousin once removed of Frederick, Son of Sobeslaus I.
Frederick 1178–1189 Second time
Conrad II Otto
(Konrád II. Ota)
1189–1191 Descendant of Conrad I.
Wenceslaus II
(Václav II.)
1191–1192 Brother of Sobeslaus II.
PremyslOtakarI Parleruvnahrobek
Ottokar I (Přemysl I. Otakar) 1192–1193 Son of Vladislaus II.
Henry Bretislaus
(Jindřich Břetislav)
1193–1197 First cousin of Ottokar I.
Vladislaus Henry
(Vladislav Jindřich)
1197 Brother of Ottokar I.
PremyslOtakarI Parleruvnahrobek
Ottokar I 1197–1198 Second time. Became king in 1198, and his descendants retained the title.

Kings of Bohemia (1198–Present)

Kings of Bohemia
House of Přemyslid
Image Name Date Notes
PremyslOtakarI Parleruvnahrobek Ottokar I
(Přemysl I. Otakar)
1198–1230 Hereditary royal title approved by King Philip of Germany, confirmed by the 1212 Golden Bull of Sicily
VaclavGelnhausenovekodexu Wenceslaus I
(Václav I.)
1230–1253 Son of Ottokar I.
Ottokar II Premysl
Ottokar II
(Přemysl II. Otakar)
1253–1278 Son of Wenceslaus I. Also Duke of Austria, Duke of Styria, Duke of Carinthia and Duke of Carniola.
Codex Manesse Wenzel II. von Böhmen
Wenceslaus II
(Václav II.)
1278–1305 Son of Ottokar II. Also Duke of Kraków (from 1291) and King of Poland (1300–1305).
Wenceslaus III
(Václav III.)
1305–1306 Son of Wenceslaus II. Uncrowned (as Bohemian king). Also King of Hungary and King of Poland.
JindrichKorutansky pecet1303
Henry the Carinthian
(Jindřich Korutanský)
1306 Meinhardiner. Son-in-law of Wenceslaus II. Non-crowned.
Rudolf Stepan
Rudolph I
(Rudolf I.)
1306–1307 Habsburg. Second husband of Elisabeth Richeza of Poland, widow of Wenceslaus II. Non-crowned.
JindrichKorutansky pecet1303
Henry the Carinthian 1307–1310 Second time
House of Luxembourg
John of Luxemburg
John the Blind
(Jan Lucemburský)
1310–1346 Son-in-law of Wenceslaus II.
Charles IV-John Ocko votive picture-fragment
Charles IV
(Karel IV.)
1346–1378 Son of John. Also Holy Roman Emperor as Charles IV.
Wenceslaus IV
(Václav IV.)
1378–1419 Son of Charles IV. Also King of the Romans until 1400.
Military Rule under Čeněk of Wartenberg (1400), Interregnum (1401 - 1403)
Elisabeth I
With Albert
(1422 - 1451)
1403 - 1451 Granddaughter of Charles IV.
House of Habsburg
Albrecht II. von Habsburg
(Albrecht Habsburský)
1451 - 1464 Husband of Elisabeth I. Also Holy Roman Emperor.
Hans Burgkmair d. Ä. 005
George II
(Jiří II.)
1464-1486 Son of Albert. Also Holy Roman Emperor.
Albrecht Dürer - Portrait of Maximilian I - Google Art Project
Maximilian I
(Maxmilián I.)
1486-1508 Son of George II. Also Holy Roman Emperor.
Karl V by Ticiano
Charles V
(Karel V.)
1508-1562 Son of Maximilian. Also Holy Roman Emperor.
Hans Bocksberger (I) - Emperor Ferdinand I - WGA02326
Ferdinand I
1508-1592 Son of Charles. Also Holy Roman Emperor.
Nicolas Neufchâtel 002
Wolfgang I


Son of Ferdinand.

House Of Kliment
Throne of bones by durnir-d4cl7k0
Vladimir Kliment 1659-1700 None
Frederick Kliment 1700-1730 Son of Vladimir.
Rudolph Kliment 1730-1765 Son of Federick.
Jon Snow-Kit Harington
Lukas Kliment 1881-1889 Great, great, great grandson of Rudolph.
Download (6)
Maximilian Kliment 1928-Incumbent Son of Lukas.


  • Lukas Kliment (1881-1889)
  • Viktor Havel (1889-1898)
  • Silvester Duran (1898-1928)
  • Maximilian Kliment (1928-Present)

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