Chaos TL
The World

Battles that happened the same way in OTL (like the battles of Bornhöved, Bouvines or Kortrijk) aren't listed.

Battle Year Combatants against
Battle of Otrar 1240 Mongols under Ogadai Choresmians under Jalal ad-Din Manguberdi I
First Aquitainian War
Sea Battle of Blankenberge 1344 English and Flemish French
Battle of Vannes 1346
Battle of Blaye, Aquitaine 1350
Battle of Caen 1353
Great Occidental War
Battle of Cempoala 1526 French-Tenochca Castillians
Sea Battle of Biarritz 1527
Battle of Stirling 1530 Scots English
Sea Battle at Ile de la Tortue 1545 French English-Castillians
Battle of Callander 1546, October 10th Scots under Prince Alasdair English
Second Occidental-Seljuk War
Sea Battle of Malta 1562 English-Castillians-Portuguese Seljuk-Barbary fleet
Castillian Civil War
Sea Battle of Jamaica 1631 Castillians English fleet
Anti-Dutch War
Battle of Nieuw Brugge 1632 Denmark-Braunschweig
Anti-French War

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