This Page will list the Emperors of the Planets in recent Azaranian History. Unlike the Emperor of the Azarath, who must be a member of the Azhuranthia council to be elected, the Emperor of the Planets is directly appointed by the Emperor of the Azarath. The EoP can literaly be anyone. Once, Emperor Mar'Sares I Cenobye once chose a woman from the streets of Zhetiol, that he met incogneto, to elevate to the position of Empress of the Planets. So yes, this, can literaly be anyone, and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

Listo of Emperors/Empresses of the Planets

Name Appointed Reign Ended Notes
Land'Real Foros I October 9th 1761 July 13th 1929 Murdered in his sleep
Herme'Cure Rastillion I July 14th 1929 Incumbent

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