Emperor Took Office Left Office Reason for Leaving Office
Mar'Sares XXI Helyaforna November 28th, 367 CE May 14th, 420 CE Abdication
Lobr'Nakae XVI Nikionov June 5th, 420 CE 6th of April, 601 CE Death
Lon'Sareu IV Herankur July 2nd, 601 CE February 8th, 605 CE Cirica scandal
Lobr'Nakae I Nikerus February 9th, 605 CE December 21st, 1235 CE Death
Tinetanus Korfan January 3rdth, 1236 CE June 4th, 1716 CE Death
Azkar'Zento XI Scenobeye August 4th, 1716 CE Incumbent

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