This page lists all Austrian politicians in Night of the Living Alternate History.

Nationalist Party

The Nationalist Party of Austria is a reactionary, conservative party that supports the claims of the Habsburg. The party was formed originally to repel the pre-doomsday Austrian government, which many believed had inadequately defended the Austrian people. The party would become intertwined with Karl von Habsburg and his campaign to restore his house as the leader of the Austrian people, and lead Austria to greatness.

Amadeus Grün

Bull connor

Amadeus Grün was the first Speaker of the House, serving three terms, from 1976 to 1985. Born in 1930, Amadeus Grün studied business at the Universität Wien after serving a six month tour of duty in the Austrian Federal Army. Amadeus Grün worked as a business consultant until 1969 when he volunteered to serve and defend against the zombie infection. In 1970 he politically aligned himself with the newly formed Nationalist Party, fighting against the Austrian government. He became a predominant member of the Nationalist armed forces, eventually entering politics as one of the party's premier politicians. Amadeus Grün died of a surprise heart attack on 19 September 1985, during his third term as speaker of the house. He was succeeded by Erwin Grosskopf.

Erwin Grosskopf

Erwin Grosskopf was the second Speaker of the House, serving one terms, from 1985 to 1988. Erwin Grosskopf served as vice speaker of the house under Amadeus Grün from 1980 to 1985 until Amadeus Grün's surprise heart attack in 1985, which lead to Erwin Grosskopf's ascension to speaker of the house.

Walter Hanl

Walter Hanl was a successful Nationalist officer in the war against the Austrian government before entering politics in 1976. After a brief year of campaigning, Walter Hanl signed on as Amadeus Grün's running mate. After the 1976 election Amadeus Grün became speaker of the house, with Walter Hanl serving as vice speaker of the house. After his first term Walter Hanl declined the offer to run in 1980, retiring from office. He remained a predominant voice in politics and in the Nationalist Party for years later.

Progressive Party

The Progressive Party of Austria is political party founded as an alternative to the jingoistic nationalism of the Austrian Nationalist Party. The party advocates for a democratic, progressive government, which regulates business and protects human welfare and property.

Leopold Füster

Senator Castro

Leopold Füster was one of the founding members of the Progressive Party, becoming a major politician within the organization. Under Leopold Füster’s leadership the Progressive Party grew to become officially recognized as a major political party in the nation. Leopold Füster was also the Progressive Party’s nominee in both the 1976 and 1980 elections, serving as a major voice in politics during these years.

Adolf Obermoser

Liberal Party

The Austrian Liberal Party is a political party considered to be the opposite of the more popular Nationalist regime. The group advocates for a republic government, much like before the Nationalist regime. Currently the party is only popular in the Austrian Alps where the pre-doomsday Austrian government managed to hold out against the Nationalist movement.

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