The position of President of Australia was created on 1 January 2000, following the Republicans coming to power. The position is the head of State, which was previously occupied by the Governor-General. It coincides with the title of Prime Minister of Australia, the head of government. The presidency is won by one of the parties in the Presidential Upper house, who will go through to the election, which happens every four years, with the election occurring in that December, followed by the President receiving the title on the 13th of December and going through their four year terms.




Portrait Party Term of office Election Ministry
1 Malcolm Turnbull



13th December 2000

8th December




First Australian President. Enacted major taxes for middle class citizens. Increased military budget by 20 million dollars. Declared war on terrorism alongside the USA. Sought a third presidential run but lost to Kim Beazley.


Kim Beazley
Labour 13 December


Incumbent 2008 Beazley
First Labour president of Australia. Expanded Australia's role in the "War on Terror". Continued expanding the military budget. Lowered minor taxes on the middle class. Lowered major taxes on the upper class.

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