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List of American Viceroys and Governors-General (Commonwealth of America)

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The position of Viceroy of America was established in 1782. In 1876 the title was changed to Governor-General, with greatly reduced powers. While the Viceroy had been virtually another monarch, the Governor-General is merely a figurehead, a representative of the Crown.

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Viceroys 1782-1876

  1. HRH Prince Henry, Duke of Cumberland and Strathearn 1782-1790
  2. Hugh Percy, Duke of Northumberland 1790-1808
  3. Robert George William Trefusis, Baron Clinton 1808-1815
  4. Charles Stanhope, Earl of Harrington 1815-1825
  5. Edward Boscawen, Earl of Falmouth 1825-1835
  6. Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington 1835-1845
  7. Henry Petty-FitzMaurice, 3rd Marquess of Landsdowne 1845-1853
  8. Charles FitzRoy, Baron Southampton 1853-1860
  9. George Augustus Frederick Albemarle Bertie, Earl of Lindsey 1860-1870
  10. Cospatrick Alexander Home, Earl of Home 1870-1876

Governors-General 1876-

  1. Cospatrick Alexander Home, Earl of Home 1876-1877
  2. George Byng, Viscount Torrington 1877-1887
  3. Frederick Arthur Stanley, Lord Stanley of Preston 1887-1892
  4. George Herbert, Earl of Pembroke 1892-1902
  5. Sir Henry Chaplin 1902-1912
  6. Walter Hume Long, Viscount Long 1912-1922
  7. Austen Chamberlain, Baron Chamberlain 1922-1927
  8. General Sir John Pershing (Later Baron Pershing) 1927-1942
  9. HRH Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester 1942-1947
  10. Sir Stanley Reed 1947-1952
  11. Dwight David Eisenhower, Baron Eisenhower 1952-1957
  12. Admiral Sir Charles Lockwood 1957-1960
  13. Omar Nelson Bradley, Baron Bradley 1960-1967
  14. Sir Abraham Fortas 1967-1977
  15. Admiral Alan Shepard 1977-1982
  16. General Sir George Patton 1982-1992
  17. Lloyd Bentsen 1992-1997
  18. General Colin Powell 1997-2002
  19. Diane Sawyer 2002-

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