President Vice President Party Years in Office
Grover Cleveland Adlai Stevenson Democrat 1893-97
William McKinley

Garret Hobart(1897-99)

Theodore Roosevelt(1901)

Republican 1896-1901
Theodore Roosevelt Charles Fairbanks Republican 1901-1909
William Taft Elihu Root Republican 1909-1913
William Randolph Hearst Champ Clark Democrat 1913-1917
Henry Cabot Lodge Sr. William Borah Republican 1917-1925
Leonard Wood Charles Dawes Republican 1925-1927
Charles Dawes Charles Curtis Republican 1927-1933
William H. Murray Hugh Johnson Democrat 1933-1937
William Borah Robert Taft Republican 1937-1939
Robert Taft Position Vacant Republican 1939-1941
Richard Byrd Edward Joseph Kelly Democrat 1941-1949
Douglas MacArthur Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. Republican/Imperialist 1949-1965
Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. Arthur Radford Imperialist 1965-1974
Andrew Goodpaster Elmo Zumwalt Reform 1974-1983
David Rockefeller Richard Helms Republican 1983-1990
Richard Cheney Position Vacant Imperialist 1990-1993
James Forbes Luis Batista Reform 1993-1999
Charles Scott Douglas Freeman Republican 1999-2003

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