Ajaws of Quirigua - Pre Exile

Tok Casper I

Ascension: 8th September 426 AD

Tutuum Yohl K'inich

K'ak' Tiliw Chan Yoaat (The Navigator)

Dynastic title: 14th ruler

Ascension: 29th December 724

Death: 27th January 762

Ajaws of Quirigua - Post Exile

Sky Xul I

Dynastic title: 15th ruler

Ascension: 29th January 762

Death: 3rd August 820

Jade Sky (The Conqueror)

Dynastic title: 16th ruler

Ascension: 3rd September 820

Death: 13th February 873

Ajaws of the Mayan Empire

Sky Xul II

Dynastic title: 1st ruler

Ascension: 15th February 873

Death: 30th October 900

Sky Xul III

Dynastic title: 2nd ruler

Ascension: 1st November 900

Death: 12th November 949

Tok Casper II

Dynastic title: 3rd ruler

Ascension: 13th November 949

Death: 22th April 957

Sky Xul IV

Dynastic title: 4th ruler

Ascension: 25th April 957

Death: 16th March 989

Ts'íikil Chaak Ayiin

Dynastic title: 5th ruler

Ascension: 20th March 989

Death: 26th December 1011

First Quiriguan hatius - Tikal's Coup d'état

Lady Siyaj B'alam K'ak

Dynastic title: 1st ruler

Ascension: 1st January 1012

Death: 26th July 1057

Jasaw Chan K'awiil III

Dynastic title: 2nd ruler

Ascension: 14th June 1057

Death: 26th July 1057

Quiriguan Dynasty restored

Yoaat Chitam K'inich I

Dynastic title: 6th ruler


Quirigua: 17th March 1057

Mayan Empire: 26th July 1057

Death: 4th May 1099

Yoaat Chitam K'inich II

Dynastic title: 7th ruler

Ascension: 6th May 1099

Death: 30th September 1153

Mo Xul

Dynastic title: 8th ruler

Ascension: 1st October 1153

Death: 9th November 1172

Ahk Kab I

Dynastic title: 9th ruler

Ascension: 20th November 1172

Death: 27th March 1201

K'inich Mo

Dynastic title: 10th ruler

Ascension: 1st April 1201

Death: 23rd August 1236

Sky Xul V

Dynastic title: 11th ruler

Ascension: 25th August 1236

Death: 9th February 1250

Second Quiriguan Haitius - Xtaabay incursions

Unrecorded time, save for snatches of laments and mournful songs

Quiriguan Saviour - Light returns to the Maya lands

Yoaat Chitam K'inich III

Dynastic title: 12th ruler


Quirigua: 13th February 1300

Mayan Empire: 13th February 1320

Death: 24th June 1354

Sky Xul VI

Dynastic title: 13th ruler

Ascension: 1st July 1354

Death: 8th May 1382

Yoaat Chitam K'inich IV

Dynastic title: 14th ruler

Ascension: 10th May 1382

Death: 12th September 1409

K'ak K'uk Chaak

Dynastic title: 15th ruler

Ascension: 15th September 1409

Death: 21st March 1440

Sky Xul VII

Dynastic title: 16th ruler

Ascension: 25th March 1440

Death: 7th August 1473

Sky Xul VIII

Dynastic title: 17th ruler

Ascension: 9th August 1473

Death: 12th October 1476

Ahk Kab II

Dynastic title: 18th ruler

Ascension: 13th October 1476

Death: 4th May 1501

Sky Xul IX

Dynastic title: 19th ruler

Ascension: 5th May 1501

Death: - Ruling

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