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List of Administrators of New Vestfold (Great White South)

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The Administrator is the Head of State of the Australian territory of New Vestfold. They are appointed by the Monarch of Australia on the advice of the Chief Minister, who is New Vestfold's Head of Government.

Administrators (1901 - Present)

Name Portrait Term began Term ended Notes
Sir Bertram Ford 1901 1903
Henry Porter 1903 1906
William Malcolmson 1906 1909
Sir Crawford Torch 1909 1915
Jonathan James Fanklin 1915 1918
Sir Tilden Oxford 1918 1921
Lord Rabastan Charles Foltrigg 1920 1927
Errol Pritchard 1927 1930
Gabriel Norman 1930 1932(†)
R. Laurence McTavish 1932 1933
Fergus O'Dempssey 1933 1936
Sir Horlicks Adams 1936 1939
Lord Osbert Archibald Rider 1939 1942
Cuthbert Cadwallader 1942 1948
Felix van der Zee Vanderzee 1948 1951
L. Caspar E. Fladbury 1951 1957
Edgar Nathonson 1957 1966
Florean Crocker 1966 1970
Abigail Donk-Rockwell 1970 1972
Sir Zachariah Heep 1972 1980
John Lombard Lombard 1980 1984
Ian Frank Nelson 1984 1990
Katherine Rankin 1990 1993
Jeff Parkes 1993 1999
Don Hartnell 1999 2007
Simon Darling 2007 Incumbent

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