The Lisbon Target Sports Coalition (Portuguese: Lisboa Alvo Coalizão Esportes), and the LTSC in short, originally the Lisbon Gun Club, is a Portuguese non-profit organisation which defends the ownership and recreational use of firearms by law-abiding citizens (and foreign residents) under national legislation. 

As current legislation is restrictive by nature, most effort is placed on the adaptation of national laws to EU directive, and defending the rights of gun owners by legal means. Since self-defense is not considered as sufficient motive for acquiring a firearm licence (compulsory for all arms and related activities), the principal collectives represented by the association consist of precision and practical shooters, hunters and arms collectors.

The Lisbon Target Sports Coalition is one of Portugal's oldest gun organizations, and influenced the creation of its sister company the Portugal Shooting Sports Association.


The the LTSC was originally named the Lisbon Gun Club in 1995 by Danila Crespo, a popular shooting range in the Portuguese capital city of Lisbon. The LTSC was a club operated by veterans of the Portuguese Armed Forces, law enforcement and former law enforcement members. 

At the time, guns were outlawed and only soldiers and law enforcement could own firearms. Crespo, a veteran of the Portuguese Armed Forces grew very fond of firearms, as he never saw the battlefield and simply saw himself training with firearms. Crespo argued that ordinary citizens should be able to enjoy recreational shooting. 

Crespo, along with other ex-law enforcement and army veterans petitioned for the legalizing of firearms for citizens, even if it be strict. 

In 2000, along with the creation of the its sister-company, the Portugal Shooting Sports Association, the Portuguese government legalized firearms for citizens, only for recreational uses and under European Union legislations. 

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