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Lionel Jospin
Timeline: Quebec Independence

President of the French Third Republic
1990 – 2008

Predecessor Francois Mitterrand
Successor Office abolished
Prime Minister Jacques Chirac
Born 12 July 1937
Meudon, France
Spouse Sylviane Agacinski
Political Party Lyonist
Religion Atheism
Profession Activist

Civil Servant

Lionel Jospin was the 14th and final President of the French Third Republic from 1990 to 2008. Originally a student from Paris, Jospin joined the Lyonist party and became an active member. He rose through the ranks, eventually entering the National Assembly in 1981. He soon became a lead candidate for President, which he became in 1990.

Jospin's policies involved less respressive measures and peace, and hoped to reach an end for the Cold War. He would meet in conferences with the American presidents and restructed French military goals, which did contribute to an end to the Cold War. However, this, along with an economic downturn, would reawaken nationalist feelings in several parts of the Republic and undermine the ruling Lyonist party and Jospin himself Jospin attempted to prevent these regions from leaving, resulting in the European Revolution in 2003. Massive protests and strikes rocked the nation, which forced Jospin to step down as President, leading to the dissolution of the French Third Republic.