While sailing near the Swedish coast through the narrows between Sweden and Denmark, an Anglo fleet under Sir Hyde Parker awakens the nearby Swedish batteries and begins to take fire from them. Many of the sea vessels take a heavy beating and some are sunk or forced to be beached on either coast. The incident not only alerts the Danish-Norwegian fleet stationed in Copenhagen, but takes the life of Vice Admiral Lord Nelson. Parker's fleet becomes trapped and eventually the fleet is completely obliterated with few sailors able to escape with their bodies intact.. Therefore Denmark, Russia, Sweden, and Prussia stabilize the Second League of Armed Neutrality allowing trade with France to continue and leaving a frustrated Great Britain in a troubling position. One year later the treaty of Amiens is signed between the United Kingdom, France and the Holy Roman Empire that ceased any hostilities and the exchange of prisoners. The defeat today is symbolized as the Royal Navy's worth defeat ever to be recorded. However, the end of the war led to increased criticism to Napoleon's power in the French Consulate. His declaration as head of state on the 18th of May, 1804 was undoubtedly his downfall as hundreds rioted in Paris and other cities demanding for his immediate resignation from office. The man who we knew as a military mastermind would die only six months later during the Second War of Austrian Succession while commanding his men at the Battle of Lim Valley. Today can be described as the Age of Reconstruction after the world would undergo four World Wars, with the last two involving the use of WMD which devastated the world population. How will our world progress now? Only time will tell.


The rest of the timeline will be continued here.


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