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Line of succession to the Tibetan throne (Great Empires)

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The line of succession to the Tibetan throne is the list of all people that may once become Emperor of Tibet.

Line of succession

  • HIM The Emperor Singe Gampo - (4) HIH The Empress Khri la-Sengda
    • (1) HIH Crown Prince Jetsan (born
      • (3) HIH Prince Zenji
    • (2) HIH Princess Sangye


The right of succession is regulated by the Constitution, Article 85. The succession is ordered by male-preference cognatic primogeniture. An individual is in the line of succession if all of the following requirements are met:

  • He or she is a legitimate descendant of legitimate line of The Emperor Songtsen Gampo of Tibet or married to one
  • He or she has never converted to a religion other than Buddhism
  • He or she is not scheduled to become monarch of another nation

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