Lincoln Chafee
Lincoln Chafee official portrait
3rd President of the Republic of New England
In office:
January 2, 1997- September 10, 1998
Vice President N/A
Preceded by: Milton Emerson, Jr.
Succeded by: Bernie Sanders
New England Senator from Rhode Island
In office:
January 2, 1988 - January 1, 1996
Fellow Senator: Jack Reed
Preceded by: First
Succeded by: Sheldon Whitehouse
Born: March 26, 1953
Providence, Rhode Island
Died: September 10, 1998
Concord, New Hampshire
Birth name: Lincoln Davenport Chafee
Nationality: American/New English
Political party: Centrist
Spouse: Stephanie Chafee
Place of Burial: New English National Cemetery; Kittery, Maine
Alma mater:

Brown University, Montana State University, Bozeman

Occupation: Farrier, Politician
Religion: Episcopalian

Lincoln Davenport Chafee (born March 26, 1957-died September 10, 1998) was the third president of the Republic of New England, serving from January 2, 1997 to September 10, 1998. Chafee was the first President of New England to be from the Centrist Party. He was also the first and so far only President of New England to be assassinated. Chafee was assassinated in Concord, New Hampshire, on September 10, 1998 by Al Qaeda member Usama Al-Kimi, who, after assassinating Chafee, immediately committed suicide.

Chafee became an international political figure after his administration found where notorious anti-west Al Qaeda terrorists, including Osama Bin Laden, were hiding, and discovering that they had a massive terrorist plans to execute against the United States and other western nations to be set into motion in the late 20th century and early 21st. It is believe that Al-Kimi's assassination of Chafee was due to the fact that his administration successfully brought down most of Al Qaeda and thwarted several attacks.


Many thought of Chafee as a "CINO", a Centrist in name only. He was squarely on the left on social issues, but was much more more moderate on fiscal issues than the PSDP, who agreed with more on social issues than his own Centrist Party. Some believed he could've been a moderate member of the PSDP, but that's unlikely, especially compared with how far left fiscally some members of the PSDP are.


There are several memorials to President Chafee in countries around the world. In 2011, the New English National Cemetery in the executive capital of Kittery, Maine will be renamed the Lincoln Chafee National Cemetery. Chafee's hometown of Providence, Rhode Island has an entire neighborhood named after him. Even New England's rival, the United States, has a memorial to him in New York City.

A poll revealed that Chafee is the second most well-received president of the RNE, behind only Milton E. Emerson, Jr., the preceding president.

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