Point of Divergence

The second battle of El Alamein proved one of the many factors for the Axis Power's defeat. Not only did Germany fail to capture the Suez Canal Adolf Hitler's interference proved the German's undoing. Although this couldn't have completely changed the course of the war. Nevertheless, it changed the course of history. But what would have happened if General Rommel's counterattacks had proved successful? This would lead to German victory not just in El Alamein but also most of Europe.

A Frightening World

This small point of divergence stops Hitler's interference in Stalingrad which put an end to "Case Blue" the German's second attempt to take the USSR. They still lose the first battle yet still have a sufficient amount of troops to minimize the affects of any counterattacks and later take Stalingrad in a second battle. With the German's solidifying their grip on Russia and with crucial oil reserves taken by the Germans the Soviets frantically prepare a last stand at Moscow. The Germans decisively take Moscow driving the Soviets to the Urals. However, by this point Germans are exhausted and negotiate a peace with the Soviets. Under German terms the Soviets are forced to declare neutrality while the Germans gain any Soviet territory west of the Urals. Now all of Europe, excluding Britain, are under Germany's iron fist. The Germans still fail to take Britain yet the island country suffers nonstop bombing raids until a ceasefire is agreed upon by the opposing powers in 1946. This is frightening world.

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