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Nearly 300 million years ago, the supercontinent of Pangea was formed, in which all of the modern day continents existed together almost totally as one land mass. Then, nearly 100 million years later, and 200 million years before the appearance of humans, Pangea split into the continents that we know today. This created a necessity for oversea travel and exploration throughout the history of humanity, in addition to several areas of the globe remaining largely uncolonized and unexplored for a very large amount of time, as the great powers of Europe didn't begin colonizing the western hemisphere until around the 1500s.


But, what if Pangea had never separated, and all the continents still existed as one supercontinent? How would the history of humanity have been effected? What would the world be like today? Humanity would have developed with nations and empires in much closer proximity to each other, and the way it operated would have been monumentally different to what we know today. Like Glue explores these possibilities and follows an alternate timeline in which the very way that humanity has come to exist and function on a daily basis is drastically different than that of our own experience.

Pangea With Nations

Now, before I get into the timeline, for those who are unaware of the layout of Pangea in terms of our own continents, the image to the right shows each modern day nation in its location on Pangea. Keep in mind, however, that the climates of these areas were a bit different from their modern day counterparts, so they are not merely the exact same areas in different locations.

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