Lihue I Añken
Timeline : Leifsbudir
Lihue I (Leifsbudir)
Yufenn February, 1403 - May, 1437
Predecessor: Kuyen Successor: Lihue II
Birth 1389
Death May, 1437
Spouse Queen Sayen of Hualqui

Awki Lihue
Ñusta Sayen
Ñusta Aimara
Nehuen, Lonco of Tucapel


House of Kuyen


Reche Cult

Lihue I, called Añken be cause of the scar that he had in his nose since a battle against the northern tribes, was the second Yufenn of the Reche people.

He is considered the founder of the system that would caracterize the reign of his dynasty: the Butalmapu (Kingdom).

As he was crowned in 1403 after the dead of his father in a expansionist campaign, he organized a new system based in the feudal system of the northern Incas and even the vikings.

He created feudal domains to the nobles that he considered deserving of have their own lands. The rest would be kept as religious advisors, military commanders and functionaries in the court.

After finalize the organization of the kingdom, he continued his campaigns against the non-civilized tribes.

In 1407 a few northern noblemen realized that the powers that they have before the reformations were a lot more independent-like than the new feudal power under the kingdom of Lihue. One powerful lord called Tahiel, Lonco of Puren, organized his own armies to overthrow the government of Lihue and re-establish the old confederation. His claims were based in his marriage with Mailen, the brother of Lihue, so any kid that he would have would be member of the House of Kuyen (or Kuyen-Puren).

Lihue raised an army to defeat his brother-in-law, but a half of the north was already Tahiel's territory. It took three years to Lihue to defeat Tahiel and proclaim his three years old son, Rayen, Lonco of Puren.

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