The Lightsaber, commonly mistakenly called "laser sword" is a weapon carried by many people in the

A blue lightsaber

universe, mostly Force-users, such as the Sendi and the Senrasai. It is not actually a laser that is produced from the hilt, but a beam of pure plasma. This weapon is considered dangerous, though it is not for sale, it is illegally sold. Untrained individuals may accidentally kill or severely injure themselves. There are many colors of lightsabers such as white, black, blue, green, red, purple, yellow and orange. There exist many variatons of the lightsaber, such as double-bladed ones, shorter ones or lightwhips. It can cut through most materials, though there are some exceptions such as the extremely durable Khrysantion. Lightsabers were invented by the Chrelytians, but they found no apperent use for it, except for the special Forcesaber.

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