In the year 1990 a massive solar flare hits earth, destroying the world's electronic devices as well as frying numerous other inventions, effectively setting humanity back nearly two hundred years technologically. This timeline explores the new world without technology and the subsequent events that occurred afterward.


On May 14, 1990 a massive solar flare hit the Earth, filling the atmosphere with electromagnetic pulses and effectively destroying and frying the international electrical grid. Within days complete chaos ensued as the world, unable to communicate, struggled to survive without the technology they had become so reliant on. However with most technology gone many people didn't know anything about the area outside of where they lived in. Some assumed correctly it was an apocolyptic event while others merely assumed that the government would soon fix the problem. 

When communication collapsed many nations around the world fell into chaos and were dismantled as confused and angry people began rioting, looting and ransacking cities and suburbs. Eventually, after a horrifying first few months many communities organized into small governments, which merged with other governments to form nations. These nations worked towards re-establishing world order and helping stabilize humanity. However, as new nations rise out of the ashes of the old, some may have other more ambitious goals in mind...

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