IR Lübeck 035 – Karl Dieffenbach

The General in question, Karl Dieffenbach.

The Liege Massacre was an event that happened in the Belgian-German War.


With the 1st Imperial Panzer Regiment's arrival in Liege, crowds formed around the tanks and began attacking them, to little success. A man attacked one of the men inside the tanks, which lead to him being shot. The crowds then began climbing all over the tanks. The tanks then started firing and running over civilians. The 65th Infantry Regiment of Germany arrived shortly after this, to a city in chaos. A detachment of the Belgian army also arrived, resulting in a short battle, leading to the Belgians retreating, even after having help from citizens of the town. The Germans then went around and arrested some resistance members. Many more resisted the Germans, which resulted in firing squads in the town taking out most of the resistance. In the following hours, Liege became another battle ground between Belgian citizens and German soldiers. VIII Corps arrived, and General Karl Dieffenback, after seeing what was happening in the town, ordered it burned to the ground, which was quickly done. The city of Liege burned for days until the last fires went out, leaving most of the city ruined, along with most of the population dead.


In the following months, the Belgians signed a peace treaty, giving Germany back some ethnic German land. When the Germans moved out of the region, the French and Belgians found Liege burned to the ground and discarded corpses lying around. 

Rape of Belgium

This prompted the French to organize a trial against the General in command of the VIII Corps, Karl Dieffenbach. The trial was made up of a panel of judges, one from Britain, one from France, one from the Netherlands, one from Belgium, and one from Germany. The trial ended up in General Dieffenbach sentenced to death. The execution was carried out later in Brussels, Belgium one and a half years after the atrocity took place. The event was later forgotten at the break-out of the First Great War.

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