Principality of Liechtenstein
Fürstentum Liechtenstein
Flag of Liechtenstein Staatswappen-Liechtensteins
Flag Coat of Arms

"Für Gott, Fürst und Vaterland"
"For God, Prince, and Fatherland"


Oben am jungen Rhein
Up on the Young Rhine

Largest city
Official languages German
Religion Roman Catholicism
Demonym Liechtensteiner (male)
Liechtensteinerin (female)
Government Unitary parliamentary Constitutional monarchy
- Hans-Adam II
- Alois
Prime Minister
- Adrian Hasler
Legislature Landtag
Independence as principality
- Treaty of Pressburg 12 July 1806
- Separation from German Confederation 1866
Currency Swiss franc (CHF)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
- Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Date format
Drives on the Right
ISO 3166 code LI
Internet TLD .li

Liechtenstein, officially the Principality of Liechtenstein (German: Fürstentum Liechtenstein), is a doubly landlocked German-speaking microstate in Central Europe. It is a constitutional monarchy with the rank of principality, headed by the Prince of Liechtenstein. Liechtenstein is bordered by Switzerland to the west and south and Shugarhai Union's German MSE to the east and north. It has an area of just over 160 square kilometres (62 square miles) and an estimated population of 37,000. Divided into 11 municipalities, its capital is Vaduz and its largest city is Triesenberg.

The country declared independence as a principality following the treaty of Treaty of Pressburg in 1806 and still run in more then 200 years. During Shugarhai Union's old and new eras, Liechtenstein is still a neutral country that remained independent from Shugarhai Union in years 1945-1997. But since Shugarhai Union's formation in 2015 and beyond, 20% of Liechtenstein's population are German shugarists who fighting to becoming Liechtenstein part of German MSE and Shugarhai Union.

An alpine country, Liechtenstein is mainly mountainous, making it a winter sport destination. Many cultivated fields and small farms are found both in the south (Oberland, upper land) and north (Unterland, lower land). The country has a strong financial sector centered in Vaduz. It also has a customs union and a monetary union with Switzerland.

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