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Libyan Arab Republic
الجمهورية العربية الليبية (Aljumhuriat Alearabiat Alllibia)
Timeline: Great Nuclear War

OTL equivalent: Tripolitania
Flag of Libya (1977-2011) Coat of arms of Libya
Flag Coat of Arms
GNW Libya

("Arab first")

Anthem ""Allahu Akbar" ("الله أكبر")"
(and largest city)
Other cities Sirte
Language Arab
Religion Islam
Ethnic Groups
  others Italian
Demonym Lybian
Government Socialist republic
  legislature National Assembly
Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council Muammar Gaddafi
Prime Minister Jadallah Azzuz at-Talhi
Area 257.030 km²
Population 1.459.874 
Currency Libyan dinar
Time Zone UTC +1


After the Great Nuclear War, More political parties (that were made by people protesting in the street), this caused a man named Muammar Gaddafi to go from Benghazi to Tripoli (with the help of Nomads) to see the protest, leaving his old life to start a new one. But the tipping point for Libya was when the army took control of the government when the army rolled into the city and took control of the city.

Minority that felt discriminated by the Libyan government demanded more freedom but the government didn't response, while other political parties fled to Benghazi and then set up their own state. The government then began to work on looking for a leader while using a council to have vote on the direction of the government. In 1963 the Libyan Arab Republic began to work on expanding into Eastern Libya, while expanding the state, the Arab Republic and Cyrenaica then begin to have border disputes which leaded to the first Libyan Civil War with stories of a military officer named Muammar Gaddafi taking small towns from the Cyrenaicaian army.

Coup d'etat: 1969

Muammar Gaddafi on a Sunday night at 11PM moved into Tripoli with 120 troops and 12 tanks, sending him and his troops across the Republic killing or capturing military or government officials and surrounding the Council of Arab Republic with 10 tanks and 90 men.

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