The Libyan War :1991-1998 After Qadafi was killed in a bombing raid his eldest son Muhammad declared himself King of the new Kingdom of Cyrennaica with French and Italian backing. In the Aftermath a former member of Qadaffis government Shukri Ganhems was gathering support in Syria, Egypt and Algeria. In 1991 Ganhems invaded Libya with Egyptian and Algerian land support and Syrian Naval and Air Protection. French Troops in Tripoli were attacked and Killed by Ganhems troops. This prompted French entry into the war. After Syrian Fighters accidentally bombed a Italian Merchant ship in August of 1993, Italian troops were mobilized to attack Syrian, Egyptian and Algerian Troops. After the Battle of Emgayet in 1995, Algerian Forces pulled out. In 1996 Syrian Naval and Air aid was cancelled. In 1998 after the Communist revolution began in France, French troops pulled out. On June 14th Italian Troops evacuated the Country and Muhammad fled the country and Shukri Ganhems became the Leader of the First Republic of Libya. He would be taken out of power in 2005 after Israeli-American Troops defeated his army and the Peoples Army of God.

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