Libya was turned into the Kingdom of Cyrennaica (after Qadafi was killed in a US bombing raid) in 1981 with Muhammad Qadafi declaring himself Muhammad the First. He ruled from 1981-1998. In 1991 Cyrennaica (Libya) was invaded by Egyptian, Algerian and a Rebel Army controlled by Shukri Ghanems. Muhammad was backed by the French and Italians by 1993 and was fighting off all Four armies. In 1995 Algerian forces were helplessly caught in the Quagmire Battle of Emgayet and because of heavy Casualties against the Italo-Cyrennaican Force, evacuated the country by the end of the year. In 1996 Syrian Air and Naval support stopped. In early 1998 French troops were called back to quell the Communist Revolt. And on June 14th Italian troops evacuated the county and went home. Muhammad fled to Italy. In his place Shukri Ghanems became the 1st and only President of the First Republic of Libya :1998-2005. In 2001 several bombs were set off in New Yorks Subway System, Tripolis Buses and Jerusalem Malha train Station. The culprit was a Islamic Secular Terrorist Army based in Libya called The Peoples Army of God. At a UN meeting US and Israeli dignitaries pleaded with Shukri to capture the Terrorists but he refused. So in 2001 United States and Israeli Troops invaded. In 2005 The Peoples Army of God surrendered and Shukri was taken out of Power. In 2006 Elections were held for President and the Sixty Senate Seats. Baghdadi Mahmudi won the Presidency with the National Party. The NP also also took 43 Senate seats. The opposition party was the Progressive National Unionist Party or the PNUP. The Military Governors of the Tripoli and Occupied Libyan Territory are US Marine General James T. Conway and Israeli Benjamin Gantz. The official Name is the Second Republic of Libya. The Next Senatorial elections are to be held in 2009. The next Presidential in 2012.

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