Libertarian Party

The Libertarian is the third largest political party in the United States, and the third major party, the other two being the Progressive and Conservative party. It is considered to have right wing fiscal stances with neutral social stances and isolationist foreign policy.

The party was founded in 1971 to oppose the more aggressive foreign policy stances of both major parties.Though no libertarian has ever won the presidency, in 1984 Ron Paul of Texas switched his party affiliation, becoming the first Libertarian congressman. His son Rand is a Senator from Kentucky, and the only Libertarian in the Senate.

The 2012 platform includes:

  • Elimination of the federal income tax
  • Weakening government agencies, eliminating them when possible
  • States rights in regards to education and equal employment opportunity
  • Opposition to universal healthcare
  • Lowering defense spending and having isolationist foreign policy wherever possible, moving army investments to the National Guard