Renovación Liberal
Liberal Renewal
Timeline: Napoleon's World
President: Lily Pérez
Secretary-General: Andrés Rusch Guzmán
Founded: 1989
Headquarters: Flag of Chile Santiago, Chile
Youth wing: JRL
Ideology: Liberalism
Political position: Center-Right
Official colours:     
6 / 72
Chamber of Deputies:
12 / 176

Liberal Renewal (Span: Renovación Liberal, or RL) is a Chilean political party associated with the center-right, with its ideology best described as conservative liberalism. The party regards itself as the successor party to the old Liberal Party of Chile that was active from the 19th century until its outlaw in 1966. Since its reformation in October 1989, the PRL has advocated for secularism, small government and personal freedoms. In 1995, the PRL joined the CDN after falling short in the 1994 elections for President and National Congress. In September 2012, the Christian Democrats and Nationalists left the CDN, leaving the PRL in a coalition with the Gremialist Union, who share many of their pro-business, small-government principles. The party President is Lily Pérez, and the party Secretary is Andrés Rusch Guzmán.