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Partido Liberal
Liberal Party
Timeline: Great White South
Foreman: Tito Lucios
Party Chairman: Emilio de la Rosa
House Leader: Guillermo Bolero
Founded: 1902
Headquarters: Mansión del Precipicio
Youth wing: Jovenes Liberales
Ideology: Liberal, Social Democracy
Political position: Center-Left / Centrist
International affiliation: Liberal Democrats of Antarctica
Official colours:      Gold
House Delegates: 11/40
Estadistas: 1/5

The Liberal Party (Spanish: Partido Liberal; Finnish Liberaalipuolue) is one of Santiago's five major political parties; and, along with the Santiagano People's Party, is one of the two dominant parties of the Country.

The Liberals' policies range from Center to Center-Left, and the party mostly focusses on social issues, such as gender equality and homosexual rights. This is partly due to a wide variety of differing Economic opinions between party members (ranging from Libertarian to Socialist), which makes it difficult for the Liberal Party to choose one individual Economic position.

Founded in 1902, the Liberals were one of Santiago's very first parties (along with the National Party of Santiago, which is now defunct), and they are the oldest active party in the country today. Since foundation, the Liberals have always been a dominant force in the country, and they have controlled the President's office for 40 years, longer than any other party. Beginning with Juan Schmidt's election in 1921, there have been 5 Liberal Presidents (also the highest number of any party).


Early Years (1902-1921)

The Schmidt Decade (1921-1931)

Official Opposition (1931-1956)

Golden Age (1956-Present)


Political Positions

Internal Factions

List of Foremen

Foremen who became President are listed in bold, as are the dates of their Presidency.