The Liberal Party of England is an English liberal political party, and the oldest active political party in England.

Formerly one of the two major political parties in England, it was displaced as the main non-conservative party by the Social Democratic Party in the 1920s. The Liberal Party was last in government prior to the 1924 election, although the Liberal Party did support the Social Democratic government of James Cox in a confidence and supply agreement in 1976-77.

The Liberal Party has been the third party in English politics since the 1924 election, and has never been able to challenge either the SDP or the National Party in terms of size.



The ideology of the Liberal Party has been subject to change throughout its existance. From the 1920s until the 1950s the Liberal Party broadly adhered to economic liberalism, this at times placed it to the right of the National Party, especially during the Edwards government. In the 1960s the "young turks" took over the party, moving it back towards the centre left, and embracing policies such as economic planning and social corporatism. Then in the 1980s a new generation moved the party back towards the centre ground









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