Liberal Party
Timeline: Frisian Empire

Logo is the word "Liberal" written in blue, with a yellow streak in the background that ends with the coat of arms. die Rallye

President: Juliane-Leni Neumann
Deputy President: Ferdinand Schreck
Founded: 1982
Headquarters: Ervarensberg
European affiliation: European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party
Official colours: Blue, Yellow
General Council: 6 seats of 28

The Liberal Party is a centre-right and conservative-liberal political party and the largest political party in Elsevia. It was founded in 1982 by Robert Schäfer, who died in 1987 and left Arndt von Ingersleben in charge.

Von Ingersleben became Prime Minister in 1990 General Election, the second person to hold the title since the election of Joris Bauer in 1982. Other Prime Ministers belonging the to Liberal Party were Alois Kerner and Ferdinand Schreck.

The party is member of the Liberal International and the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party.