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Liberal Democratic Party of Croatia (Cinco De Mayo)

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The Liberal Democratic Party of Croatia (Croatian: Liberalno demokratska stranka), referred to on ballots as LDS and by its supporters as Libra, and its supporters as "liberali", is a major Croatian political party. A liberal party, it is regarded as centrist, with progressive social views and neoliberal-to-conservative economic views. The LDS, after the May 2013 elections, governs in a coalition government with the agrarian-centrist Croatian Peasant's Party (HSS) and the Christian populist Justice and Faith (PiV). The current leader of the LDS and the Prime Minister of Croatia is Vesna Pusić. LDS also sat as the main party of government from 1994 until 1998 as the head of a coalition under Prime Minister Stjepan Mesić and his successor, Drazen Budiša.

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