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Liú bīng
Republic of Liú bīng
Timeline: Vikings in the New World
Preceded by 1972- Succeeded by
Chinese State Flag N/A
Liu Bing Flag BIng COA 2
Flag Coat of Arms
Population 133,221 

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Liú bīng is a country in the far north, with only a few people living in it. Freed after GWII, Liú bīng consists of many nomads along with former Chinese. It has a diverse culture, and takes cues from places like China, Russia, and Japan.

It has a shaky democracy due to its low density and little population. It's taken its democracy ideals from places like Siberia and Scotland.

It temperature is mostly cold, and has frigid winters. The people who live there stay inside their houses most of the year, and most have indoor farms. It takes many imports from other countries, giving it a lot of debt.

It is applying to be a member of the Federation of Nations, and has had, previously, a very isolationist economy.