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Republic of Androscoggin
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Towns Of Lewiston, Lisbon, And Sabttus, Maine
Lewiston image
Flag of Republic of Androscoggin
P image
Territory Controlled By Lewiston

Stabili Et Stabit In Aeternum Which In Latin Is We Stand Forever Steadfast (English)

Anthem "State Of Maine Song"
Capital Lewiston
Largest city Lewiston
Language English
Religion Roman Catholic
Ethnic Groups
American, Mainer
  others African American, French, And French Canadian
Demonym Lewstonian
Government State Government
  legislature House of Representatives
President: Samuel.G
County Judge: George Winterport
Population 137,000 People
Established October 15th 1983
Currency Shilling & Barter



Immediately after the first report of a nuclear war came in from Loring Air Force Base the air raid sirens came on an hour before the bombs hit people began to panic, and many people ran for the fallout shelters in the Town Hall, Fire Station, Hospital, School and Police Station or headed to pre-designated points where buses would pick people up and take the to said fallout shelters.

While the local government had the Local Police, State Police, and Sheriff's Department patrolling the streets while the 136th Engineer company was mobilizing to respond to the emergency. Also as a safeguard against the EMP blast the military and emergency Vehicles were parked in metal storage containers and had their batteries disconnected in hopes of saving their electric systems from the resulting EMP blast after a nuclear detonation. This also meant that the Vehicles couldn't be used really until batteries inside were reconnected.

Immediate Aftermath 1983-1984

After the missiles hit many people came back up from the fallout shelters and started looting the local stores and also tried to break into the police station, but were dispersed when two Transport Trucks full of National Guardsmen rolled up and fired tear gas at the crowd making them run. By nightfall the areas around the police station, hospital, town hall, fire station, and had been secured and they looting stopped after it was declared looting was punishable by permanent banishment from town, but this wasn't the end of the towns trouble as by Monday refuges from the coast came pouring towards the Lewiston-Auburn area, Auburn was quickly over run and the local Police and Fire Departments retreated to Lewiston where afterwards they blew up all bridges across the Androscoggin River near Lewiston in order to hold back the wave of refuges, This action allowed for the town to hold out to spring with the supplies that were conserved from the denial of the refuges, thus when spring hit farming took off and by the winter of 1984-1985 their was more than enough food and ammo for everyone.

Growth of Lewiston 1984-1986

By April 6th contact had been made with survivors in Farmington and Norway, Maine which were invited to migrate south to Lewiston as the town now had the food and other resources to support more people by April 19th 2000 people would migrate to Lewiston bring up the popution to 23,000 after the major loss of life because of nuclear fallout and the nuclear winter in late 1983 and early 1984 which brought the town's population down to 19,000. However, now that nuclear fallout had settled down and the amount of fuel to heat homes had gone down as many people switched to wood fire places. Which were much easier to fuel than petrol heaters. Thus by July 4th over 8000 from the surrounding areas arrived raising the population to 31,000 which were incorporated into the local population. Also the Farmington Police Department and Franklin County Sheriffs escorted refuges from Franklin County to Lewiston where they were incorporated into the local law enforcement which raised the number of law enforcment officers and military protecting Lewiston from 491 to 523.

Also later that week the Fire Department from Farmington also Arived in Lewiston. Also in August the Population of Norway, Maine and it's police and fire departments came to Lewiston raising the population to 37,000 and the police force to 589, also this trend of incorporating the police from the towns the refuges were coming from helped increase the confidence of the refuges knowing somebody they knew was protecting them. Also this trend of Lewiston being the rallying point for Remaning state and municipal forces left in the state saw the arrival of the speaker of the house for Maine: John L. Martin escorted by 22 State Troopers in January of 1986 this made moral sky rocket with the second man in the line of session to be Governor behind the President of the Senate being in town.

Establishment Of The Republic 1986-1990

Throughout these Years the Androscoggin Republic was established and expanded to the west under John L. Martin's Leadership. As soon as he arrived he pushed for the formation of a Republic as in its current state as a city state it was only going to be recognized as a independent entity by local raider groups and other small survivor groups. As such the Republic was declared on June 1st 1987 adopting the same bill of rights and constitution as the former United States this saw it become a much large player on the local stage with John oL. Martin getting elected as president while the National Guard became the Official military with it growing to 2000 Service Men & Women by 1988 and the (State) Republic Police grew from 44 Troopers in 1986 to 100 officers by 1988 including a Special Weapons and Tactics Team or S.W.T.T of 20 Tactical Operators. Also, the Lewsiton Police Force saw growth From 320 to 400 by 1984, However, it was downsized in 1990 with the Liberation of Lisbon and Sabttus as 200 police officers were split between both towns to become their Police Departments and the same was the case with the Lewiston Fire Department as it had 600 members, but lost 300 firefighters as 300 were split between Sabttus and Lisbon to become their Fire Department.

AR image

(Red) Territory Under Androscoggin Control In 1990 (Pink) Friendly Survivor Communities 1990

Also between 1988 and 1990 as large war was waged between raiders to the west of Lewiston and The Androscoggin Republic's Army which saw more growth to 4000 service men and women because of the war, The war's result was a major success for the Androscoggin Republic as only 200 Androscoggin Soldiers died and saw the towns of Lisbon and Sabttus Liberated from raider/warlord control was the biggest Success of John L. Martin's Career as he had personally planed the invasion and because of that he was Re-elected President in the 1990 elections.

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