Levelism is a radical political and social ideology which originated in Persia in 1801. Behrya Arand, an Iranian social philosopher and an intellectual, had been involved in radical politics within Persia for several years. Persia, being the cultural crossroads for most of history, was one of the greatest places to observe all of the different cultures of the world. Arand, as he observed society, noted that all societies seemed to have a hierarchical structure. He noticed how they were governed by philosophies such as Confucianism, the dominant philosophy on the planet, which were elitist. A man committed to improving society, Arand reasoned that the cause for all societal ills was this social structure. He advocated for a revolution to topple Confucianism and other elitist social structures, and create a new, egalitarian society which would serve the people. His philosophy is called Levelism in English, after his translated quote "May the People Level the Pyramids of Society".