Levantine Theatre
Part of Great War
Landing French-Gallipoli
Landing British troops 25 km north of Gaza.
Date December 2, 1916 – May 2, 1917
(5 months)
Location Ottoman Levant
Result Allied victory, start of the Mesopotamian and Anatolian Fronts
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom:

Flag of the German Empire Germany
Flag of Israel Judean Independence Committee
Flag of Assyria Assyrian Liberation Army (Levantine)
Flag of Jordan Arab Army

Flag of the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire
Flag of the Emirate of Ha'il Emirate of Ha'il 
Flag of Royalist France French State
Commanders and leaders
T.E Lawrence
Edmund Allenby
Agha Petros (1916)
Ze'ev Jabotinsky
Enver Pasha
Mustafa Kermal
Édouard Drumont
2,350,000 (with rebels) 1,554,000
Casualties and losses
687,924 killed, wounded, captured or missing 962,157 killed, wounded, captured or missing

The Levantine Theatre was a theatre of the Great War that occurred between the landing of British troops in Gaza in December 2 of 1916 and the surrender of Ottoman troops in Alexandretta in May 2 of 1917. The Front pitted the Allied regular forces of the United Kingdom and its colonial empire against those of the Ottoman Empire; the Ottoman Empire was further weakened from within in the area by rebels from Arabs, Assyrians in the Lebanon mountains and Hebrews in today's Judea. The Levantine Theatre ended in resounding defeat for the Turkish forces, which lost territory held for most of Ottoman territory. While the Ottoman Empire survived the Levantine Theatre, it was considerably weakened, and the demoralised and decimated Ottoman armies were easily pursued into Mesopotamia and Anatolia and destroyed. However, with about 1.6 million casualties, the Levantine Theatre led to widespread destruction in both sides.