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Grand Duchy of Poland
Wielke Księstvo Polskie
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Parts of Lesser Poland and Subcarpathian voivodeships
(tr)-pl CoA Kingdom of Poland cv
Flag Coat of Arms

Si Deus nobiscus, quis contra nos? (Latin)
("If God is on our side, then who is against us?")

Anthem "Gaude Mater Polonia!"
Capital Tarnów
Largest city Tarnow
Other cities Dębica, Rzeszów, Bochnia
  others Ukrainan, Slovak
Roman Catholicism
  others Judaism, Rodnovery
Ethnic Groups
  others Ukrainan, Czech
Demonym Lesser Polish
Grand Duke Lukasz I Nosek
Prime Minister Urszula Augustyn
Independence May 20 1990
Currency Ducal Złoty
Time Zone Central European Time (UTC + 01: 00)

The Grand Duchy of Poland, commonly called Lesser Poland, is a survivor state in Eastern Europe.



The zone that became Lesser Poland was a flourishing zone. Katowice was the capital of a Metropolis with over 1.500.000 people, in the south, winter resort areas, notably Zakopane, were very popular, and many people would visit Krakow and Lublin.


On Doomsday the cities of Krakow and Lublin were destroyed by 200 kt and 100 kt bombs as well as a 200 kt bomb which missed its target, Katowice, but was nonetheless near enough to radiate the zone with a lot of damage. .


After Doomsday, Zakopane and some small towns and communities got contact, as they were near to each other, it helped Zakopane to trade with them for the winter (W.I.P)

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