In December 2008, over the Christmas Holiday, Hillary Clinton turns down President-elect Barack Obama's offer for Secretary of State, citing her commitment to her New York Constituents. However, the real reason is because she had begun a secret-lesbian relationship with Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. They keep it a secret at 1st, but in July 2009, it is discovered by the media. On July 26th, 2009, Palin resigns as Governor of Alaska, and announces that she will be divorcing her husband, Todd Palin. Her announcement draws fire from most of the conservative establishment, with the exception of former Vice-President Richard "Dick' Cheney, a known LGBT-rights supporter, as well as his daughter, Mary Cheney, an open Lesbian. At the same time, Hillary Clinton announces that she is divorcing her husband, former President Bill Clinton. However, due to Bill's numerous affairs and the Lewinsky scandal, few voice objections or even criticism of Hillary's decision.

September 2009- With both of their divorce proceeding under way, Hillary and Sarah begin living together in an upscale Penthouse Apartment in Greenwich Village in New York City. the same month, Hillary's divorce is finalized, and her name legally reverts to Hillary Rodham.

October 2009- Sarah's divorce is finalized. She wins custody of both her younger son, 2-year old Trig, and her two younger daughters, 15-year old Willow, and eight-year old Piper, who begin living with her in the NYC Penthouse. This draws strong criticism from the far-right, including Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Limbaugh refers to Sarah as the "Dyke Mom". Limbaugh's words are strongly condemned by more Moderate Republicans such as Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and Arizona Senator John McCain.

November 2009- In his Thanksgiving Radio Address, President Barack Obama announces his support for Same-Sex Marriage. Meanwhile, Sarah legally changes her name back to her maiden name, Sarah Heath. She also changes her political affiliation to Independent.

December 2009- Andrew Cuomo announces he will run for Governor of New York in 2010. He promises to legalize same-sex marriage if elected.

November 2010- With the support of Senator Rodham and former Governor Heath, Andrew Cuomo is elected Governor of New York, winning 78% of the vote.

June 11th, 2011- The Marriage Equality Act is introduced into the New York State Legislature.

June 24th, 2011- After easily passing the Democrat-controlled Assembly, the bill passes the State Senate 33-29.

June 25th, 2011- With both Rodham and Heath present, Governor Cuomo signs the bill into law, legalizing Same-Sex marriage in New York State. Immediately following, and on live television, Hillary drops to one knee and proposes to Sarah, who happily accepts. they later set a wedding date for the 4th of July, 2012.

June 2012- as the planning for the wedding continues, Fox News reports that while Governor of Alaska, Governor Palin had a 2-year affair with Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. they also allege that she continued the affair after beginning her relationship with Hillary. Bachmann resigns in disgrace, and Hillary calls off the wedding. However, after the convincing of her would-be stepdaughter Willow, Hillary changes her mind and forgives Sarah.

July 4h, 2012- Hillary Rodham and Sarah Heath wed. Sarah takes Hillary's name, and they begin living as Hillary and Sarah Rodham. Trig is also given the last name Rodham.

November 2012- President Obama is re-elected. Senator Rodham is also elected to a 3rd term. She celebrates by kissing her wife on national television.

2013- numerous Republicans, including Senators John McCain, and Rob Portman, announce their support for Same-Sex Marriage.

January 2nd, 2015- Hillary Rodham announces she will run for President in 2016.

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