Leopold Valento
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Picture of Valento as Supreme Chancellor (1963)

Supreme Chancellor of theEmergency Government of the Philippine Islands
1962 – incumbent

Predecessor Office created

Supremo of the National Action Party
1962 – incumbent

Profession Journalist

Leopold Valento is a Filipino extremist politician and spiritualist as well as the leader of the a political front known as the Philippine National Union, refusing to recognize any other government as the surviving Filipino administration.

Before the nuclear attack, he was an advocate of the far-right nationalist movement, which landed him in jail during the 1950s. 

Early Life

Lepold Valento is born in Oton, Iloilo as the second son of Ricardo Valento and his wife Francesca Morida, who has Japanese ancestry tracing back to prior the Spanish colonial period. Born into a family which had close ties with the army since the 1898 Revolution, where his grandfather Pedro Valento served as a Katipunan commander 


Valento as a young man

until the Americans took Iloilo in 1900. He eventually enlisted in the Philippine Constabulary,and because of his grandfather's reputation, and of his studies, he was able to make it rapidly into the hierarchy of the Constabulary, although it was his talent to keep the discipline among his men that truly made him shine. However, he was perceived as a distant man, who had little to no sense of humor and who was always serious.

Political Career

During the Second World War, Imperial Japan invaded the Philippines. The Japanese had already dissolved all political parties on the islands, and established KALIBAPI as a mass movement designed to support the occupation whilst taking advantage of nationalism in the region. He eventually co-opted with the new Japanese masters. It was by this time that his eyes were opened to politics.


Valento in 1942

Following the war, he was detained due to his suspected collaboration with the Japanese, but was pardoned when President Elpidio Quirino granted amnesty to collaborators free of war crimes. When he went out of jail, decided to go to college taking a course in journalism, and later traveled throughout Europe and Asia as a foreign correspondent. He spent a great deal of time in Korea and witnessed atrocities during the Korean War. His experiences there left him with a deep hatred for Communists, whom he believed were planning to conquer the world.

Becoming a dictator

Leopold Valento in political uniform (Atomic World Map Game)

Chancellor Valento in his political uniform