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Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci
Timeline: [[Premyslid Bohemia]]
Born April 15, 1452
Vunci, Italy
Died January 13, 1494
Cori, Italy
Religion Catholic
Profession Many
Leonardo da Vinci wasn't in Premyslid Bohemia famous painter and man who painter many pictures. In 1468 at age of 16 in Verrocchio's workshop he and all other painters were warned and ran from the city as army was coming. Leonardo was nearly killed after he ran to Florence and was made painter for Piero de' Medici (father of famous Lorenzo). He served here for year as he died from his lung disase. With Giuliano de' Medici they were send to Palermo as most of Italy was now conquered. Two weeks after that Giuliano de' Medici was only heir as all other children were killed and Florence almost conquered. On January 12, 1494 Leonardo and Giuliano came back to Lazio but mistaken for enemy warriors by drunken warrior (how was lynching for it by people of Florence) were killed just after the bells rang midnight.