Leon Trotsky
Timeline: A House Divided

Portrait of Leon Trotsky

2nd Leader of the Russian Republic
1924 – 1949

Predecessor Vladimir Lenin
Successor Georgy Malenkov
Born 7 November 1879
Russian Empire
Died 12 December 1949
Leningrad, Russian Republic
Political Party Communist Party of Russia
Leon Trotsky (Russian: Лeв Давидович Трóцкий) was the second leader of the Russian Republic and a close friend and associate of Lenin. He was instrumental in the Russian Revolution and initiated the Russian Revolutionary Wars. He is credited with making communism global and being the main contributor to stopping national socialist expansion in the 1930s and 1940s.

He modernized Russia, created the Red Army and People's Revolutionary Army, and also led the United States to victory against all odds in the World War, preserving North American democracy. In addition, he instituted sweeping liberal reforms in Russia and was a strong supporter of democracy rather than the bureaucratic statism of his communist party associates. However, his work was cut short after his assassination in Leningrad in 1949, ending the revolutionary wars.