Leo Jogiches ( July 17, 1867- November 8, 1945) was a Marxist revolutionary, organizer, politician, and general, who ruled as dictator of the German People's Republic from 1937-45. Of Lithuanian origin, Jogiches conducted an affair with Rosa Luxemberg, with whom he helped found the Spartacus League in 1917, which eventually developed into the Communist Party of Germany. As a dedicated party organizer, Jogiches helped the Party win elections in 1933, securing Communist control over Germany. After the death of Chancellor Liebknecht in 1936, and Lenin in 1937, Jogiches emerged the victor of a power struggle within the party, purging Ersnt Thalmann and his moderate faction, and becoming Chancellor

As Germany's power grew, Jogiches decided to launch a war against the capitalist nations in hope of sparking a global revolution. Germany invaded Poland in September 1, 1939, sparking World War II. Although the highly disciplined People's Arm soon stormed much of Europe, it was unable to defeat the allied forces of the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Russian Empire. As the Czar's Army neared Berlin, Jogiches, refusing to accept defeat, lead a final attack on the Russian lines, resulting in his death. Germany fell under Allied occupation soon after.

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