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Mikhail Tukhachevsky

What if Lenin, who had a bad feeling about Stalin, had him removed from power in 1923 from the infamous "Lenin's Testament". Stalin, then would be promoted to a military chief, who is executed after being caught as a prisoner of war. What would the fate of the USSR have been, if Stalin didn't come to power? Would Communism ever be the same if it did? Would the Soviet Union ever become a superpower?

This timeline describes it all, from the immediate history after Stalin is removed the world up to the modern day, along with the alternate destiny of Hitler and the popularity of his works, the alternate Second World War and much more. The way this ATL ends up on may end up surprising you!


After the Russian Civil War, Stalin was the leader of the important branch of the a Soviet Union, a newly Communist state. In OTL, after Lenin's death Stalin assumed power - though Lenin had advised against it though. However, in this ATL, Lenin gets what he advised, and has Stalin removed from the position.

Meanwhile, World War One will go along as OTL, and it would not be until before the Great Depression when the first rumblings of change would be felt when compared to OTL. The Soviet Union, with Nikolai Bukharin and his foreign policy in power, change the shape of the Soviet Union compared to OTL, changing the outlook of the Soviet Union on the west...


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