Capital Assunpink
Largest Cities Assunpink, Weehawken, Chikohoki
Population 2,120,000
Our Timeline Equivalent New Jersey (U.S state)
Assunpink = near Trenton; Weehawken = Weehawken, Union City, Jersey City, and Newark; Chikohoki = Burlington

Lenape is a province of central New England. It borders the other New England provinces of New York to the north, Pennsylvania to the west, and Assateague to the south. To the east is the Atlantic Ocean. Because of its position between New York City and Philadelphia, the two largest cities of New England, the province's largest cities (especially Weehawken and Chikohoki) can function as satellite cities to their larger neighbors. However, the in the north and south, outside of the transit corridor, Lenape becomes more rural. The Lenape Aboriginals, from which the name of the province is derived, are by far the largest Aboriginal group in the province, and occupy much of the rural land, as well as making up the slight majority in the capital, Assunpink. Weehawken, Chikohoki, and other areas bordering New York City and Philadelphia are multicultural, with large European and Asian populations in particular. In the south are the Pine Barrens, most of the area being designated as a Nature Preservation Area.



65% Vegetarian
35% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

55% Europeans (Italians, Irish, Germans, etc)
27% Pemhakamik Aboriginals
22% Lenapes
05% other Pemhakamik Aboriginal (Susquehannock/Andaste, Mexican, Iroquois, etc)
06% Orientals
02% Indians
06% multiple races
04% others (Pachan Aboriginals, Africans, etc)


64% English
18% Algonquian languages
16% Lenape
04% Italian
03% German languages
02% Irish Gaelic
02% Spanish
01% Polish
01% Russian
05% others


45% Nonreligious
33% atheist
12% agnostic
27% Christian
16% Catholic
04% Quaker
07% other Christian
10% Cathar
07% various Aboriginal beliefs
06% Jewish
05% other (Buddhist, etc)

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