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Strasserism Hammer and Sword
Kingdom of Leinster (English)
Rìoghachd Laighin (Gaelic)
Timeline: Nordica
OTL equivalent: Leinster
ca. 430 - 9??
800px-Flag of Leinster.svg.png
Leinster 870.png
Map of Leinster (in Red)
Official languages Gaelic
Ethnic groups  Gaelic
Demonym Leinstern
Religion Christian
Government Monarchy
 -  King Bressal Bélach (First, unknown–436)
??? (Last)
 -  Establishment ca. 430 

The Kingdom of Leinster was an Irish state in southwestern Ireland. After many years of viking influence, it eventually became part of Viking Ireland, along with Dublin.


Pre-Invasion Period

Invasion Period

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