I am very tired right now. My life is decreasing, and I have no descendants to tell my history to the future. But, in my life, I saw more than most of the people, of the Vikings and the Skrælings. This is why I'm writing this chronicle. The Skrælingjar Saga.

The Vikings arrive Grønland (Greenland) at the times of my grandfather. They were command for Erik Thorvaldsson, Erik the Red. Their colonies expanded along that land and they were prosperous. The vikings came from a country on the other side of the sea. Some tribes thought that the Vikings were demons, other ones, that they were gods. This people was very customary to war, and the conquest of the southern Grønland was not difficult for them.

I was only a child when Leif Eriksson, son of Erik the Red, invaded the land of the Innu. The Innu tribes fought against the invaders with spirit and pride, but they were defeated. The vikings established the country of Vinland (Wineland) in the land of the Beothuk, and the country of Markland (Borderland or Forestland) in the Innu's land. Those peoples were rejected to the south.

With the dragons which can fly over the water, the Vikings initiated trade with the peoples of Dorset, and the exile tribes of Innu and Beothuk. The Vikings also had trade with their brother in the far country on the other side of the sea.

Eriksson, who never was friendly with the King-beyond-the-Sea (who apparently declared his family outlaw), was glad when the trade with the kingdom decreased. He proclaimed himself Jarl of Vinland, Marklad and Grønland. Finally, at 1018 (according with the Viking's chronology) the ships don't come of the other side, and Eriksson doesn't send ships any more.

Anyway, that year was founded the colony of Helluland (the Land of the Flat Stones). Some tribes of the Dorset fought against the vikings to avoid the expansion of this colony, it was futile. Eriksson had not intention to go back and forsake his dominions on the new world.

He gnurled a new offensive to expand Markland and Helulland, taking Dorset's land. Some tribes of the Innu and the Boathuk support the campaign exchange new lands. I fought in the war, because my tribe was one of the hundreds to refused to be conquered. As high hierarchy man, I was one of the lieutenants, and also one of the prisoners.

I was brought to Gardar (Grønland) and I was never liberated from there. But I learned the viking's language and some of their culture.

Anyhow, they won the war and the most of the coast was then Viking land. The trade among the Viking colonies, the Skaræling allied tribes and the Dorset vassals was good. Eriksson died at 1020. His dominion was distributed between his two brothers, the spouse of his half-sister and his son.

The Jarl Thorkell Leifsson (primus inter pares between the four new chieftains) was more friendly than his father and the wise tribes accepted well-disposed his friendship. But the fool tribes were quickly destroyed.

My life will end before the life of the Jarl Leifsson. I hope that the blood days be forgotten and come new days of glory, of Skrælings and Vikings.

Map 1000 - 1032 (Leifsbudir)

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