Leif Eriksson
Gender: Male
Born: 970, Iceland
Death: 1020, Leifsbudir
Aged: 50
House: Eriksson
Reltives: Erik the Red (father), Thorvald and Thorsteinn Eriksson (younger brothers), Freydís Erikdotter (half-sister), Thorkell Leifsson (son)
Called: the Explorer
Culture: Viking
Religion: Krysskir
Occupation: Explorer, religious man and politician

Leif Eriksson, the Explorer was the first explorer of Vinland, founder of the Four Kingdoms and the Krysskirism.


Born in Iceland, son of Erik the Red, Leif was the first governor of Grønland.

Leif explored the coast of Vinland at 1000, and founded the city of Leifsbudir, capital of Vinland. Eventually he founded the country of Markland and, even after, Helluland. Making war with the Skræling (indigenous people) he gained the lands and became Jarl of the four countries.

The ships of the King-beyond-the-Sea (probably Sweyn Forkbeard) stopped to go to Vinland. Erik declared himself independent Jarl.

He created the religion of Krysskirism (in vinlandish, kryss, cross; kir religion), and himself was designated Kirge (some sort of Pope).

He died at 1020, dividing the jarldom between his son, his brothers and his brother-in-law.

Leif the Explorer in literacy

Leif figures in the lists of kings of Vinland and Gønland as Leif I. He figures in the same way in the counting of Kriges of the Krysskir Church.

He's considered the first king of the Vikings in the Krønike Vikingfolk.

Preceded by:

Erik the Red

Jarl of Grønland

1000? - 1020

Succeded by:

Thorsteinn Eriksson


Jarl of Vinland

1003? - 1020

Thorkell Leifsson

Jarl of Markland

1003? - 1020

Thorvald Eriksson

Jarl of Helluland

1010? - 1020

Thorfinn Karlsefni


Uncertain - 1020

Thorsteinn Eriksson