Republic of Leicester
Timeline: Leicester Becomes Independent
RepublicOfLeicesterINDEPENDENCEFLAG No coa
The flag of the country Coat of Arms
Leicestershire Ceremonial Numbered
Location of Leicester

Ricardus Tertius ad Mondi (English, Hindu)

Anthem "Oh Fair Leicester"
Capital City of Leicester
Largest city City of Leicester
Other cities Coalville, Ashby De La Zouch, Blaby, Hinckley...
Language English, Hindu
Religion Atheism
Demonym Leicesterians
Government Social Democratic Republic
  legislature Leicesterian Congress
President Oliver Khatri
Currency Leicesterian pound (LEP)
Calling Code +44
Internet TLD .lei

Leicester or the Republic of Leicester is a small landlocked enclave country on the island of Great Britain, although it is not part of the United Kingdom or England. It gained complete independence after an army of protesters in London demanded a referendum, which followed a series of protests and revolutions occurred across what was then the county of Leicestershire, mainly in Blaby and Hinckley.

The British government gave the Leicesterians a referendum, and the majority voted to secede.

The Republic of Leicester was proclaimed, a social democratic republic with the seat of power in the City of Leicester.


Leicester is a social democratic republic, in which the head of state and head of government is the President; who is elected every four years in a general election.

The current President is Oliver Khatri, of T

ogether for Leicester; which is the centre-left party of the country. He has been in power since the country's foundation and will run for a second term against Jenna Connor of the National Party (centre-right) and Rohan Patel of the Curry Party (centre, which aims to give supremacy to the Indian community of Leicester).


Leicester has a small military, with about 250,000 active troops inside the country. However, they are very well trained, and are known for being one of the most powerful and effective armies in Europe.

Other countries reactions


Cornwall, after seeing the success of Leicestershire's split from England, decides to push hard on their own independence process. Cornwall successfully gains independence and becomes an ally of Leicester.

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