The Legislativ Assembly of the British is the lower house of the Parliament of the British Republic.

Legislative Assembly of the British Republic
Type Lower House in the Parliament of the British Republic
Speaker John Bercow
since 22 June 2009
Leader of the Legislative Assembly Chris Grayling, Democratic Coalition
since 8 May 2015
Shadow Leader of the Legislative Assembly Angela Eagle, Leftist Alliance
since 8 May 2015
Members 720
British Republic Legislative Assembly 2015 (Fascist Coup Britain)
Political groups Government (375)

Opposition (344)

Speaker (1)

  •      Speaker (1)
Voting system Single Transferable Vote
Last election 7 May 2015
Next election 7 May 2020
Meeting place


The Legislative Assembly is elected every five years, members are elected from multi-member constituencies by the single transferable vote. If a seat is left vacant a by-election is held in which a new member is elected by the alternate vote system.

Whilst the term of the Assembly is five years, it may be dissolved early by the President in the event of political deadlock in the Assembly in which a government has been dismissed or lost a no confidence motion and a new government cannot be formed after a month. This power has only ever been used once, in 2003 to resolve the 2003 British Constitutional Crisis.


Of the two houses in the British Parliament the Legislative is the more powerful of the two houses, choosing the government and having the final say in the event of a deadlock between the Legislative Assembly and the Seate.