Legião Urbana
Origin Goiania, Goias, San Paulo
Genres Post-punk, art rock, folk rock, alternative rock
Years active 1982-1996
Labels EMI
Associated acts Aborto Elétrico

Capital Inicial
Dado e o Reino Animal

Solana Star
Dado Villa-Lobos

Marcelo Bonfá
André Frateschi

Past members
Renato Russo†

Renato Rocha†
Ico Ouro Preto
Paulo Paulista

Eduardo Paraná
 Legião Urbana (Portuguese for Urban Legion) were a Paulist-Brazilian rock band formed in 1982 in Goiania, Goias, San Paulo. The band primarily consisted of Renato Russo (vocals), Dado Villa-Lobos (guitar) and Marcelo Bonfá (drums). In its earlier days, Legião Urbana also had a bassist, Renato Rocha, but he would leave the band due to creative divergences.

While Legião Urbana disbanded officially in 1997, after frontman Renato Russo's death, it is to this day one of the most famous Paulist rock bands, alongside Engenheiros do Hawaii, Titãs and Mamonas Assassinas.

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