Lega Nord (Padanian Secession)
Timeline: Scotland says "Yes"

Lega Nord logo
Logo of Lega Nord (Padanian Secession)

Secretary: Matteo Salvini
President: Umberto Bossi
Vice Secretary: Roberto Rixi

Riccardo Molinari

Coordinator: Roberto Calderoli
Spokesman: Davide Caparini
Founded: 4 December 1989
Headquarters: Via Carlo Bellerio, 41 Milano
Youth wing: Padanian Youth Moviment
Ideology: Federalism, Regionalism, Ethno-nationalism, Right-wing populism, Euroscepticism and Anti-globalization
Political position: Right
Official colours: Green
House of the Padanian People: 40/100

The Lega Nord is the main and the most great political party in Padania. It is a right-wing political party.

Flag of Padania

The flag of the Repubblica Federale Padana and of the Lega Nord

The Flag of the Lega Nord is also the Flag of Padania.

The claims for an independent Padania started in the 90s, after the foundation of the Lega Nord. A pro-independence and Euroskeptic party, the Lega Nord was founded by Umberto Bossi, Roberto Maroni, Mario Borghezio and by others.

In 2015 the Lega Nord became one of the greatest parties in Italy, and the most popular among citizens, especially in northern Italy.

After winning the regional elections in the north, the Lega Nord asked the Parliament for a referendum for the independence of Padania. The referendum was fixed for the 10th September 2015.

At the end of the referendum there was a landslide victory for the independence of Padania.

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